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Everything has a birth chart because that comes into being a moment like a company or an individual. In this terms, business has business astrology chart. The moment when you commit business idea and submit formal registration either buy your web domain or physically launch your business in the world basically a blueprint is created for your business.

In general birth chart of the business about the placement, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and moon play an important role in being the success of your business. To know the position of those planets you have to trust on astrology for business success. You can get the free business chart on our website.

What is the business horoscope?

Every business has a horoscope that will tell you everything about your business. In fact, business astrology horoscope will tell you when the best time to hire the people is when you can invest in your business, when you need to reduce spending etc. So business horoscope means there has much staff, they work for you. They work tirelessly and hard to provide the new opportunity for the success of your business. They are called planetary staff. Let’s see the role of the planetary staff.

The sun reflects on our individual identity and nothing get past and cleared unless it passes through the sun like the chairman of the board. Mercury behaves like the departmental communicator so it needs to communicate and express ourselves. Venus needs to develop a relationship. Mars keep watching on the competition and marketplace. Mars provide us energy and spirit to create a strategy for making money for your business. The moon reflects on the public feeling about your business and your products. There is only nine planet in Vedic astrology which significate in all profession.

Before opening a restaurant, it is important to sketch a management astrology chart so that the correct the correct marketing plan can be written. The placement of the planet decides the location and resource of the food outlet. We also provide business yoga in Vedic astrology on your own business.

At the beginning of the career, it is important to decide the career in the job or in the own business. If you are unable to choose the correct path of your career that consult with a Vedic astrologer who will help you to find the success of your life.


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Keshav Maharaj Ji tries to provide solutions to each and every problem that his clients face. However, these different forms of problems require different solutions. A few of the most common get my love back problems which the Maharaj Ji encounters frequently are mentioned below.

Intercaste love marriage

Intercaste love marriage

Marriage is a sacred procedure, especially in India. In today’s world of modern people, boys and girls like to find the life partner of their own choice whom they love and understand but their parents are against their choice.

How to break marriage relationship

How to break marriage relationship

Though your marriage brings you happiness, it also comes with a lot of responsibilities. Marriage disputes are very common in married life. Couples face many conflicts over very silly issues.

Business Problem

Business Astrology

It is quite common for people to face problems in their businesses. To help people with these problems, KeshavMaharajiprovides a group of solutions which remove all the obstacles prevalent in the business which hinder its growth.

Marriage Problem

Marriage Problem

It is not easy for a person to meet their soul mate. This task is considered as a dream by many people andoften causes hindrances in their marriage, thus causing a marriage problem. To rectify this, the Maharaji provides solutions to help remove obstaclesand problems.


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